Viper Pro Series Winch Wiring Loom For 1000 Winch – Boats Up To 8 Mtrs

Viper Pro Marine Anchor Winch Wiring Loom To Suit Boats Up To 8.0 Mtrs – (MICRO/RAPID 1000)

Don’t forget to order your marine winch loom with the Viper Anchor Winch Order.


Bell Marine anchor winch wiring looms are individually hand crafted and fully tested before we ship. Simply order your loom depending on the length of your boat when you order your winch and all you will need is the tools and know how to complete your installation.

We only use marine grade 3 B&S (25mm2) tinned copper wire, blind tinned copper lugs, silicone impregnated marine heat shrink and each connector is labelled for ease of installation. Every loom includes flexible conduit for ease of installation and your 1.5M switch loom is also included.  Simply connect “A” to “A” and ”B” to “B” without the need to refer to your wiring diagram and your winch will come to life.

Positive Cable:                                                                             Negative Cable

  • Battery to Circuit Breaker:     5.8M                                 Battery to Solenoid:                6.8M
  • Circuit Breaker to Solenoid:   1.5M                                 Not Applicable
  • Solenoid To Winch Motor:     3.2M                                 Solenoid to Winch Motor:     3.2M
  • Please note that Switch Looms are 1.5M in length and should suit most boat.
  • Viper Winch Motors are fitted with 1 M of 3B&S cable totaling  4.2 M from Solenoid to Winch Motor
  • Please note: We have tried to accommodate for almost all boats up to 8.0M, however we cannot guarantee that one size fits all so please check above measurements.
  • WARNING: Install your Viper winch and loom into your boat before you start to fit any other components! You may need to relocate them to suit cable lengths and individual boats.

Additional information

Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 37 × 34 × 30 cm


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