Viper Pro Series 10 Way Corner ROD Rack – Includes 2 X Tapered Legs & 2 X Deck Fittings

Viper Pro Series 10 Way Removable Corner Rod Rack (Angled leg version)

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The easiest DIY corner rod rack to ever hit the market!

Save yourself the expense of having a rack custom made for your boat.

This version has a tapered leg each side & 2 straight legs. One leg fit into the supplied deck fitting 1 each side, the other long tapered leg fits into your existing 30 degree rod holder in your boat, then you simply cut the middle support leg to suit your desired height to rest against your boats gunwale area.

Now you can fish 10 rods, keep an eye on all rods at once and have your family and friends in the boat without tripping over rods and tackle.

Each rod holder is a double wire construction and made from hand polished 316 marine grade stainless steel.

The corner racks are removable if required, simply lift them out in one piece.

Package Contents:

Both port and starboard sides (5 holders each side), 2 x female deck fittings, 4 x straight 25mm legs, 2 x tapered legs, 4 x T-Piece connectors and 2 x angled connectors.

Also available in an all straight leg version, see part number 10030.


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